The Ramda Library

Ramda is a JavaScript library that will be useful for all adherents of functional programming. As a tool, Ramda facilitates the work process. Its distinctive features are the absence of side effects and immutability, which allows one to write simple and smart code. Automatic currying is featured as well. The data to work with is usually provided in an orderly manner. Besides, one can create new functions based on others — there is no binding to data. Using Ramda increases performance thanks to infallible and fast task solution.

Gulp: A Description

Gulp is a task manager that allows one to automate routine tasks in programming. This web development tool is an improved version of Grunt: it does not create temporary files for storing results in intermediate stages, which increases the I/O efficiency and significantly speeds up the work process. It is based on the plugin-to-plugin data transfer principle. The manager allows one to facilitate image processing, efficiently solve the tasks of minimizing and merging individual files into one along with linting, validating, and testing code. Gulp is developed specifically for JavaScript.

React JS

React is a popular JavaScript library. It is used in UI development. To implement tasks in react programming, such JS objects as state (an internal state of a component) and props (properties) are used. Their application ensures storage and data transfer both from parent to child components and from a framework to an application interface. React features clear syntax and has certain advantages: it works with a virtual DOM (Document object model), which increases the code execution speed and allows one to easily transfer created components from project to project.

JavaScript plugins

Initially, it was impossible to create plugins in JavaScript, but there was no need for them. When the first websites began to appear, JS was mainly used to perform simple tasks, such as rotating images, animating menus, and so on. Later, web development became much more complex, almost as complex as creating traditional applications. And that’s when the first JS plugin appeared.

The term “plugin” refers to an independent compiled software module that connects to the main application to expand its capabilities and add new features. That is why the word “plugin” can be replaced by “JS module”, both words have the same meaning. In order not to re-solve frequently repetitive tasks, programmers began to create JavaScript plugins, which are ready-made code libraries. As a result, it has become much easier to develop interfaces and expand their functionality, and the productivity of programmers increased many times over.

Currently, the variety of plugins for JavaScript is so great that it is difficult to distinguish even the main ones. But, at the same time, such a variety allows programmers to find a ready-made software solution for almost all occasions.

Using JS plugins, even amateur programmers can easily cope with complex tasks. They no longer have to write code from scratch and take into account all the variables. They can just use ready-made versions and slightly correct them based on their specific requirements. Useful plugins include automatic form filling, object animation, video scaling, data visualization into beautiful visual diagrams, etc.

JS frameworks

The JS framework is a tool for creating an application (mobile/desktop/web) using the JavaScript programming language. As with other development tools, programmers use the Java Script framework when it would be too long, complicated, or impossible to complete a task in the usual way.

Usually, ready-made frameworks are used to write a Single Page Application (SPA). In this case, everything that happens on the site unfolds within a single web page, so there is no need to leave it. This approach allows programmers to create both full-scale sites and separate web tools, independent functional modules.

Having understood what the JavaScript framework is, what role it plays in programming and what it is used for, it will be useful to briefly review the list of the best ones.

Top Best JavaScript Frameworks:

  • React is a framework developed by Facebook programmers that uses a reusable component. In other words, these are ready-made program blocks, divided into functions or classes. Each block designates different elements of the page, such as a text entry box, a button, a logo, and so on. Also, each component has so-called attributes or properties. React’s syntax is pretty simple, so it should be easy to understand for anyone familiar with Java Script.
  • Angular is probably the best JavaScript framework that is widely used by Google to create SPA. Angular gained popularity by combining JS with HTML and CSS. Like React, it has a component structure, and uses TypeScript to write applications.
  • jQuery is probably the most popular framework, which has a wide variety of different functions. Despite being created back in 2006, it is still fast and concise, which allows you to work with various platforms and simplifies HTML scripting. Currently over 20 million web-sites use jQuery.
  • Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building creative interfaces. Vue is easy to integrate into any project with JS libraries, since it was originally created to be adapted. Vue has a very useful tool: a CLA (Command Line Interface) that speeds up development and offers a huge number of ready-made presets and plugins.

Given the trends, when choosing the best JavaScript framework, it is best to master React first.

Accounting services in Toronto: why this city?

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Why is it easier to order accounting services on outsourcing?

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accounting firm services

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Top 3 Android Music Apps

More recently, you could get free music for listening on a smartphone only on social networks and on pirate sites. Today, there are no issues with listening to your favorite tracks. Many streaming music services have appeared, and their number is growing every year — just go to the Apksalad website, choose the best music application, download and install it. Now your smartphone turns into a compact audio system. Which app is better? Below you can find the top three in-demand apps from the best streaming services.


Spotify is the most popular music streaming service that can offer the user a comprehensive collection of music. The program can collect and configure playlists, select your favorite stations. It supports Chromecast. The service is musical, but it constantly pushes its boundaries — podcasts are available. You can download the Spotify apk for Android for free; you can also listen to music for free without even signing up but with some restrictions removed after subscription.

Spotify is a cross-platform application, so you can listen to music:

  • on smartphone;

  • resume from the same time on the smart TV;

  • on the game console;

  • on a laptop.

The main feature of Spotify is the powerful system for personalizing playlists and offers. Artificial intelligence suggests listening to new songs taking into account the preferences.


Burst into the tops a long time ago, Deezer is a quality service for listening to music. The free version supports the FLOW function, which offers songs, mixes, playlists based on user preferences. The function of viewing the lyrics of songs as well as the creation of unlimited lists according to various criteria are available. With the paid version, the user gets more options and access to a high bitrate. Fresh apk download site Apksalad with one click, just one tap will install everything. Now you can enjoy your music.


What makes this app unique is its focus not on popular trends but exclusives. Any performer can upload their tracks, which will become available to users. The database contains 125 million tracks, podcasts, shows, and other content. The free version includes independent artists, shows, podcasts, and some of the commercial stuff.

It is important to choose reliable resources for downloading and maintaining cyber hygiene to avoid infecting your smartphone with viruses.

What is a JavaScript library?

A JavaScript library is a collection of ready-made functions and/or classes created using the JS programming language. Netscape was the first company to develop it and implement it in its browser. Later, Mozilla made a great contribution to the development of Java.

Having a specific JavaScript library, a developer can use already created and tested scripts to make an application, just like builders use bricks to build a house. Moreover, such ready-made scripts can be used as independent elements or become a part of more complex functions.

Currently, there are many JS libraries that can be divided into:

  • large-scale databases with all common widgets, abbreviations and polyfills;
  • highly specialized databases for performing specific tasks, such as creating diagrams, animations, mathematical functions, etc.

The JavaScript scripting library makes life easier for all developers, regardless of their skill level. For example, beginners can use ready-made solutions that they can’t create themselves yet, while professionals can use them to save their time and effort.

Best JavaScript libraries and their description

Among the large selection of ready-made collections, it can be difficult to choose only one. To solve this problem, look at the list of the most popular Javascript libraries:

  • LitElement simplifies the development of lightweight web components. It uses ready-made lit-html templates (web applications with asynchronous rendering).
  • Data-fns is an alternative version of the outdated Moment.js. It contains tools for parsing, formatting, and processing JS data.
  • RxJS is a library of ready-made React extensions useful for building event-driven and asynchronous applications.
  • Yup allows programmers to take advantage of application development by implementing a schema builder to model branched and interconnected validations.
  • Agenda.js is a lightweight version of the Node.js task scheduling library based on MongoDB, a system for managing various databases.
  • Bull is a Java script library that simplifies working with Redis databases. Bull was written entirely in Typescript, but it can also be used with the Vanilla JS framework.
  • is a library used to develop web applications and facilitate real-time communication. It provides bi-directional communication between client and server, and supports message naming, multiplexing, and disconnect search.
What is a framework?

Developers often use the term “framework”. But what does it mean in programming and what is it used for?

In simple terms, a programming framework is a software foundation. It never changes regardless of configurations and contains elements with a variable part attached to them. A framework defines the overall architecture for conceptual models, software systems and applications. It forms a default behavior, a framework that can later be extended or modified to meet the requirements of the task.

This is where it differs from a library, which consists of programs with similar functionality that do not affect the architecture of the software product under development.

Simple Example

A simple example will help you quickly understand the essence of frameworks. Let’s say you plan to build a house. In this case, you have two options: to develop your project from scratch or use a ready-made one. The latter allows you to customize the project by experimenting with the layout, but without touching bearing walls.

The main difference between your own and a ready-made project is that in the latter everything has already been taken into account: utility system, wall insulation, best options for pouring concrete for a foundation and many other important details, that professional architects usually deal with. Having a pre-created and well-thought-out basis, you will get a cozy and original house built within the framework of an initially created ready-made project.

This example shows pretty well what a framework is and what its role in programming is. Programmers use it as a ready-made software skeleton which can be filled with any code. As a result, they lose in variability, but their software environment functions more stably.