The Voca Library

If you are a developer of complex, fast-responding applications and would like to be able to easily format, cut, mask, split, and query strings, then you can’t do without Voca — a JavaScript tool for string manipulation.

This JavaScript library provides a set of functions for convenient and efficient string management. You can use it to trim, truncate, stretch text, change the character case, and much more.
It also includes the following features:

  • No dependencies and 100% code coverage.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of environments: Node.js 0.10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari 7+, Edge 13+, IE 9+.
  • Clear and easy to read built-in searchable documentation.
  • Trimming the leading and trailing string characters.
  • String concatenation by templates.

The modular structure of the library allows optionally to load not the entire library but only the necessary functions. This allows one to optimize app bundles that use this library. The library is fully tested, well documented, and supported for a long time.

The Ramda Library

Ramda is a JavaScript library that will be useful for all adherents of functional programming. As a tool, Ramda facilitates the work process. Its distinctive features are the absence of side effects and immutability, which allows one to write simple and smart code. Automatic currying is featured as well. The data to work with is usually provided in an orderly manner. Besides, one can create new functions based on others — there is no binding to data. Using Ramda increases performance thanks to infallible and fast task solution.