More recently, you could get free music for listening on a smartphone only on social networks and on pirate sites. Today, there are no issues with listening to your favorite tracks. Many streaming music services have appeared, and their number is growing every year — just go to the Apksalad website, choose the best music application, download and install it. Now your smartphone turns into a compact audio system. Which app is better? Below you can find the top three in-demand apps from the best streaming services.


Spotify is the most popular music streaming service that can offer the user a comprehensive collection of music. The program can collect and configure playlists, select your favorite stations. It supports Chromecast. The service is musical, but it constantly pushes its boundaries — podcasts are available. You can download the Spotify apk for Android for free; you can also listen to music for free without even signing up but with some restrictions removed after subscription.

Spotify is a cross-platform application, so you can listen to music:

  • on smartphone;

  • resume from the same time on the smart TV;

  • on the game console;

  • on a laptop.

The main feature of Spotify is the powerful system for personalizing playlists and offers. Artificial intelligence suggests listening to new songs taking into account the preferences.



Burst into the tops a long time ago, Deezer is a quality service for listening to music. The free version supports the FLOW function, which offers songs, mixes, playlists based on user preferences. The function of viewing the lyrics of songs as well as the creation of unlimited lists according to various criteria are available. With the paid version, the user gets more options and access to a high bitrate. Fresh apk download site Apksalad with one click, just one tap will install everything. Now you can enjoy your music.


What makes this app unique is its focus not on popular trends but exclusives. Any performer can upload their tracks, which will become available to users. The database contains 125 million tracks, podcasts, shows, and other content. The free version includes independent artists, shows, podcasts, and some of the commercial stuff.

It is important to choose reliable resources for downloading and maintaining cyber hygiene to avoid infecting your smartphone with viruses.