The JS framework is a tool for creating an application (mobile/desktop/web) using the JavaScript programming language. As with other development tools, programmers use the Java Script framework when it would be too long, complicated, or impossible to complete a task in the usual way.

Usually, ready-made frameworks are used to write a Single Page Application (SPA). In this case, everything that happens on the site unfolds within a single web page, so there is no need to leave it. This approach allows programmers to create both full-scale sites and separate web tools, independent functional modules.

Having understood what the JavaScript framework is, what role it plays in programming and what it is used for, it will be useful to briefly review the list of the best ones.


Top Best JavaScript Frameworks:

  • React is a framework developed by Facebook programmers that uses a reusable component. In other words, these are ready-made program blocks, divided into functions or classes. Each block designates different elements of the page, such as a text entry box, a button, a logo, and so on. Also, each component has so-called attributes or properties. React’s syntax is pretty simple, so it should be easy to understand for anyone familiar with Java Script.
  • Angular is probably the best JavaScript framework that is widely used by Google to create SPA. Angular gained popularity by combining JS with HTML and CSS. Like React, it has a component structure, and uses TypeScript to write applications.
  • jQuery is probably the most popular framework, which has a wide variety of different functions. Despite being created back in 2006, it is still fast and concise, which allows you to work with various platforms and simplifies HTML scripting. Currently over 20 million web-sites use jQuery.
  • Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building creative interfaces. Vue is easy to integrate into any project with JS libraries, since it was originally created to be adapted. Vue has a very useful tool: a CLA (Command Line Interface) that speeds up development and offers a huge number of ready-made presets and plugins.

Given the trends, when choosing the best JavaScript framework, it is best to master React first.