The first thing we want to tell you is that JavaScript is not suitable for users who plan to link their professional lives to mobile software development seriously. You should pay attention to Java, Kotlin, and C languages. To write applications for the iPhone, you should learn a language like Swift. However, users who work in the front-end field and learn JavaScript may want to experiment with creating a mobile application too. Then, such specialists should evaluate the possibilities of such a framework as React Native.

We want to warn you that you will not be able to develop such a program as TikTok or Telegram with this. However, there are a lot of different libraries that will help you effectively solve a variety of problems. This is why you can create and publish installation files of simple programs that other users can get if they download APK and install it on your smartphone. Also, this occupation will bring a lot of joy to developers because it will help them try something new and create a unique, practical application.

Expo usage

You can decide what we said about the React Native framework now. This is true as Expo is also the framework created for React Native. There are such issues in the field of programming. You can get several advantages of working with Expo:

  1. It will help you create and test apps without resorting to Android SDK or Xcode and ecosystems based on them.
  2. It provides the developer with a starter kit, a finished program, and a couple of screens. Here, you can explore all the details and fill in the gaps in your CV. All this can be very useful for you in the future.
  3. Expo will give you clear and extensive documentation.
  4. It provides a comfortable testing system of the code and ul apps and does not require you to process creation and installation. You can even open your program with just a link implementation in there.
  5. It will give you many ready-to-use tools and APIs for connecting device modules such as cameras, accelerometers, file systems, and notifications.
  6. It will give you access to many servers and environments to build utilities and compile them into native executables.
  7. It automatically controls the certificates and signatures of AppStore and Google Play, which is a beneficial factor in the front-end field.

Expo limitations that you should take into account

  1. Expo does not work with some native libraries. Among them are many similar ones, but there are issues with the ones developed with Kotlin, Swift, and Objective-C.
  2. It strongly binds some versions of the React Native framework.
  3. The application you will create through Expo will be pretty small, and Expo will not help you to create a vast professional program.
  4. If you suddenly want to untie your program or game from Expo, you should remember that this task will take a long time to complete.

We want to sum up and say that front-end developers who study JavaScript should pay attention to React Native and Expo. Combining these two practical frameworks will create a fully functional Android mobile operating system application, giving us two practical issues. The first one is that a particular front-end developer will expand his knowledge. This moment will cause him to increase his professional value, and the employer will treat him as a valued employee.

Accordingly, you can expect more accessible employment and high salaries. The second issue is that you can try yourself as a mobile application developer. This way, you can temporarily practice a new professional activity with minimal time and effort. Nothing will stop you from going into this professional field if you like it more than the front-end one. With this, you can simplify your transition to a new work area.