There is a popular opinion that a good game can only be created on a C++ basis. Among such games are Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed and God Of War. However, these are large-scale projects that will require a team of hundreds of specialists. At the same time, JavaScript is well suited to create a full-fledged and multifunctional project, even with only one person. The quality of this game depends on the encoder. This is why modern JS frameworks give us many features.

JavaScript programming framework features

For starters, you should learn modern technologies. HTML5 is among them. The reason is that in the fifth version of this hypertext markup language, we received such an important tag, which helps us make a context for drawing on web pages. In addition, you should abstain and keep in mind WebGL, which is nothing more than a web-based version of the ES OpenGL specification. With this tool, developers can interact with video cards directly via a web browser. And this is a case where it’s much better for you to use ready-made solutions than to try and figure it out on your own. The reason for this is that with a tool like WebGL, you can easily generate whole scenes in 3D on GPU. This will bring you much more success than the usage of the CPU.

Thus, the essence of the framework is that:

  • they protect JavaScript encoders from the canvas;
  • they abstract them from WebGL.

3D framework

Among the most notable, there are two ones:

  1. ThreeJS. This is perhaps the most popular modern 3D library, which pleases users with a large set of features. They help them perform general operations that unfold on a three-dimensional scene. The main strength of ThreeJS is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort on various low-level actions. The reason for this is that there, all processes take place at a higher level than in raw WebGL, for example.
  2. BabylonJS. This framework has similarities to the above. There are also differences. For example, Babylon’s API changes quarterly, making it easier to search for previously used solutions on the network. The BabylonJS community is one of the biggest and most active. Also, developer responsiveness and the availability of the Playground platform are pleasant to any user as it helps us to quickly test code, detect bugs and get the necessary support.

2D framework

If you plan to create a simple. and unique 2D platform game, you should pay attention to the following frameworks:

  1. PixiJS is a 2D renderer of WebGL that will show you many different functions that are designed to enable you to effectively draw some 2D objects and scenes. Using PixiJS, you will have no problem trusting the framework with all complex and tedious processes, while you will concentrate on developing beautiful visual aspects. PixiJS is a potent option if you do not plan to create a game with particularly complex mechanics.
  2. ExcaliburJS is a full-fledged game framework written in Typescript. It has all the necessary fusions that help users in the process of developing game projects of any complexity.
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