There comes a time when smart robots are no longer something fantastic. Soon it will be possible to find them in every apartment. For instance, Amazon has already developed a security system that works through drones, as well as Amazon Astro, a home robot with artificial intelligence.

Once launched, the device is supposed to take pictures of all the house members. Gradually, the smart device records the characteristic behavior of each member of the house and is able to sound an alarm if it notices anything unusual. This feature is very useful, especially when monitoring elderly or bedridden patients.

The robot sends a message to the owner’s device if an unauthorized person is noticed in the house. If there are loud noises or a fire alarm activates, the smart machine heads to the place to video record the event. When in any doubt, it uploads the video to the cloud and redirects it to the owner’s gadget.

Smart robots feature

Amazon robots look like a hybrid of a smart display and a robot vacuum cleaner. They react to all voice commands. There is a special retractable video camera that can extend 1 meter high. It is mounted on the body of the smart robot and provides an excellent overview. Like any modern robot, Amazon devices have the ability to build maps to determine the layout of the owner’s house.

To add some human features to the robot, the developers used a combination of a large screen, which functions as a face, and vocal accompaniment. When obstacles are detected during a walk around the territory, the robots communicate with the security personnel through the Ring Protect Pro service. The smart machines can figure out danger signals through the Alexa Guard option.

Amazon Astro

Amazon Astro robots can perform the following functions:

  1. Monitor security. If suspicious activity is detected, the smart robot responds to the motion sensors and moves to the scene of the event.
  2. The smart device shoots video clips at home using a video camera with a viewing angle of 132° and a resolution of 1080 px, built into the body of the robot.
  3. It can make voice and video calls and display the picture on display. There is another 5MP video camera above it specifically for video communication.
  4. The robot would notify the owner if he/she forgot to turn off appliances or the gas stove.
  5. It memorizes your pet’s eating habits and reminds you to feed them.
  6. Recognize people’s faces and show individual reactions to each of them.
  7. The robot reports on the health status of the person being monitored via AI (how he/she is feeling and where he/she is).
  8. Remind the owner about the necessity to take medicines.
  9. Generate a shopping list and transmit it to a given address.
  10. Measure blood pressure, and communicate with other smart devices.
  11. The Amazon device can operate a whole smart home system.
  12. It guides you around the apartment or private house, or yard.

This can be considered a shortcoming, but Amazon Astro robots are incapable of climbing stairs, moving beyond the Wi-Fi signal range, shopping at the store, and lifting weights.

Data privacy

Amazon developers took care of personal data security. Astro robots can be customized to suit individual preferences. The owner can set certain areas where the robot is not allowed to enter. Such robots’ functions as sound, video cameras, and microphones can be disabled with the touch of a single button.

All other information is used only in encrypted form and is available only to the owner of the smart device. You can buy robotic assistants only in America. Delivery to other countries is not yet available, unfortunately.

Despite this sad fact, the company has definitely brought the future closer. It is possible that in a few years, such smart robots will be in every home in every country and will relieve people of the need to perform routine work.