One of the best framework options superior to React and Angular.

The basic concepts for the framework were brought from Angular and React, so it takes the best from both these development tools, being more advanced.

Applying this framework, you can be sure that the layouts, styles, and the component logic itself are stored in a single source in the form of a file. These materials (except for styles) are saved in React precisely in this way. The interaction and interrelation of components are ensured by objects that store their state and characteristics. Such a method also makes the framework similar to React.

Vue, like Angular, allows one to combine HTML markup and JavaScript code.

When it comes to choosing between Vue and Angular, it is the former that usually becomes the preferred option. All because the second in comparison turns out to be an unnecessarily overcomplicated large-scale project that limits the developer by its very nature, whereas the former turns out to be simpler and not limiting a programmer so much.